Kingdom Come Deliverance The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon Update v1.7.1 (Update Only)

Kingdom Come Deliverance The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon Update v1.7.1 (Update Only) - 1 DVD


Update v1.7.1:
– The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon fixes –

A big part of second DLC - No Rest for the Wicked quest is now available from the Charlatan. The quest is available even with completed Amorous Adventures DLC so there is no need to reload to previous state.
Infinite fader during dialogue with Hans Capon after failing Next to Godliness fixed.
No Rest for the Wicked quest now properly reacts to the player killing the guys he was supposed to scare.
Player now correctly receiAves Musk of Infinite Allure on completion of No Rest for the Wicked.
It is now possible to finish active Game of Throws quest even when player initiates Vranik battle.
Rare crash when arriving at gamblers’ den fixed.
Game of Throws journal text bug fixed.
It is no longer possible to break Honeyed Words quest by closing door in front of Hans Capon a moment before he forces dialogue on player.
Infinite fader after rapid skipping of Capon’s dialogues fixed.
Player will no longer be harassed for not having a lit torch during encounter with butcher and his men in Honeyed Words quest.
– Tournament fixes –

During Epilogue, the first Tournament now starts automatically one hour after the player skips time far enough from Rattay (eg Neuhof). It is no longer necessary to start the accompanying quest of Samopesh blacksmith.
The second and any other Tournament now always periodically occurs every 7 days even when the player is close by. It is now possible to wait right next to the Herald.
Guards will no longer attempt to frisk you during active tournament, which caused the Tournament to fail.
Tournament will no longer delete some items of players who have huge amounts of items in their inventory.
Possible infinite fader during later Tournament stages fixed.
– Other fixes –

It is now possible to start Miracles While You Wait even if you refuse Charlatan multiple times.
It is now much easier to hit the topping out during Miracles While You Wait quest.
Fixed bug in Miracles While You Wait that sometimes broke the ending if the player completed the whole quest without saving or loading.
Rare crash during escape from Skalitz fixed.
Absurdly bright screen caused by persisting effect of Nighthawk potion during daylight hotfixed. Any remaining issues can be solved by drinking another Nighthawk potion and waiting for a few hours.

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