Agony update v20180602 (Update Only)

Agony update v20180602 (Update Only) - 1 DVD

Update v20180531:
The Maze of Madness puzzle is optional now.
Amount of enemies in The Pit is reduced.
Amount of skulls needed to solve Ishtar's Room puzzle is reduced.
Small tweaks for Dark Forest enemies encounters.
Added Torch to Onoskelis Cave area.
Amount of enemies in the Fractal Forest is reduced.
Amount of enemies in the Mushroom Mind is reduced.
Problematic sigils in Ice Caves are changed into easier puzzles.
Added a checkpoint after the first scene in Chart Chase (You no longer need to rewatch the first scene)
Painting in Chart Chase area changed place, so it's more obvious where to look for it.
Ifrit soul apple is now gained faster, and puzzle in this area got streamlined.
Added a checkpoint in the last chapter just before meeting with the beast (you no longer need to walk long path again)
Changed difficulty options - Easy Possession is now activated on both difficulties, and Checkpoint Destruction is off in both as well.
Stamina got a big buff and a small rework while swimming.

Update v20180602:
- Fixed a significant number of collision problems with the floors
- Fixed collision problems that might force the player to get stuck in many places
- Reduced the number of enemies in Mind Maze, The Pit, Fractal Forest, and Mushroom Mind 
- Added new Martyrs in key places so that the player doesn't need to backtrack too much
- Some puzzles got removed so the progression should be more fluid 
- Changed difficulty of a few puzzles that caused confusion
- Changed the way of obtaining the 3rd level of soul skill which also caused confusion
- Fixed a few streaming problems that could cause the player to get out of the play area
- Part of the 4th chapter environment got changed to make the progression easier and more fluid
- Changed enemy patrol routes in some places
- Added additional effects to "teleports" and some other events
- Fixed a few issues with secret chambers
- Fixed issues with golden statuette placement
- Fixed many issues with the fire damage
- Fixed some background animation glitches
- Fixed scripting issues that could force a player to get stuck
- Fixed a problem with exploding bodies that caused a big FPS loss

- Polished lighting.

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