Kurukuru Fanatic

Kurukuru Fanatic - 1 DVD

What!? Am I dead yet!? The cause of my death was probably a heavy blow on my back…, not sure. What I know now is I once died, but came back to life. However, I’ll die again if I don’t find the cause of my death in five days. “Well, good luck. I don’t think you make it…,” Fanuru, an angel who raised me from the dead, says to me. Anyway, I’ll just do it! I have reliable friends, Wazuka, Matsuri, and Otogiri. I can do it! What? What is it…? Do you have something shining…? You’re not the one who killed me, are you…?

Title Kurukuru Fanatic
Original title くるくる・ファナティック
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer Chien
Publishers Chien & N43 Project
 Dark Eye Translations

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