Super Dish... A sweet, beautiful sound comes from those words. They bring to mind great cooking and great racks. The perfect combination.
Who strives to master the path to the Super Dish? Not nearly enough people, that's who.
This year, the Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off will be held here at Hanzō Street Shopping District.
At first, I meant for this competition to be a show of skill for those who have mastered the Super Dish, but few were eager to take up that challenge.
So I've prepared a grand prize for the competition: a Secret Ninja Art Scroll with the power to grant one wish. Any wish.
Now, why would a scroll with the power to alter the fabric of the world be given away so easily?
Why, indeed? The truth lies hidden beneath a veil of dark and shocking conspiracies...

Rhythm spin-off of the popular SENRAN KAGURA series
The infamous, voluptuous ninja series ventures into a new genre as all of the bouncy babes from SENRAN KAGURA Burst and SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS return, taking a break from physical combat to make culinary war instead in this tasty yet truly tasteless adventure.

The Dressing Room returns with even more stylish options
Like other SENRAN KAGURA titles, the Dressing Room makes another appearance with multiple ways to customize characters’ outfits—but be careful! Peep too much and you risk the wrath of a full-fledged shinobi…

Three different modes of play plus online leaderboards
Story Mode progresses through the main game, Free Mode allows for customized cooking showdowns, and Arcade Mode includes comprehensive online leaderboards to see how you stack up against your already pretty stacked competition.

Additional characters available through DLC
In addition to the default 10 girls from the Hanzō Academy and Crimson Squad, another 10 girls from the Hebijo and Gessen factions can be obtained through additional DLC purchase, along with the ability to carry over two more playable shinobi and all other DLC purchased for SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS.

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