Mafia III Update 3 Incl DLC (Update Only)

Mafia III Update 3 Incl DLC (Update Only) - 3 DVD

Update 3 includes the following contents:
 • Tambahan 11 Costume Baru
 • UI Improvements
 • Improved car reflections
 • Improved streaming issues
 • Performance optimization
 • Fixed audio issues
 • Fixed some cases of savegame corruption
 • Fixed various issues for Cassandra’s Contraband missions

Lincoln Clay is ready to take on the mob in style – starting today, you can choose from 11 outfits while bringing down Sal Marcano. Along with Lincoln’s new threads, we’ve also rolled in a series of performance updates and hotfixes for Mafia III in a new patch. Keep reading for a breakdown of how the new outfits will work and what improvements are coming with the latest patch that is rolling out on all platforms now. 

Use the brand new wardrobe to select the right outfit for your days and nights in New Bordeaux. 11 outfits are at your disposal, including the all new Revolutionary, Pro-Am, Full Metal, Business...


This was a big request from you – our fans – so we made sure to get free Outfits to everyone that owns Mafia III, ASAP. So, suit up! With this update, you will now have 11 outfits to choose from: six outfits that Lincoln wears throughout different points in Mafia III’s story, and five all-new outfits. If you want to stalk the streets of New Bordeaux in military gear, you can. Want to get decked out like a proper Mob Don – no problem. Or maybe you just need a sweet racing jacket for when you tear through town in the Samson Drifter. Choose the best look for you! 

As soon as you hit the “Somethin' I've Got To Do” mission, these outfits are available for you to pick your new look. Just head to your safehouse – or any racket hideout you’ve taken over – and head to the wardrobe. Ready for some killer style? 

Action Gear: For all your combat wear needs. 

Plain White Tee 
On Leave 
Full Metal 
Full Metal II 

Formal Wear: Ready for business 

Mr. Clay 
Business Hours 

Special Occasions: Always be dressed to kill 


These updates include: 

UI Improvements 
Improved car reflections 
Improved streaming issues 
Performance optimization 
Fixed audio issues 
Fixed some cases of savegame corruption 
Fixed various issues for Cassandra’s Contraband missions 
And more 

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