Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update v20161118 (Update Only)

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update v20161118 (Update Only) - 1 DVD

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update v20161118 (c) Activision

11/2016 :..... RELEASE.DATE
GAME.TYPE ........: Action, Adventure


Release required for this update :

Patch Notes - November 17 

There was over 1,000 bug fixes in this title update across MP and Zombies this go around. Some were smaller, backend fixes and adjustments and some were larger well known issues that we received from you and your feedback, so thank you! 

Zombies in Spaceland 

-Fix for pap zappers having no ammo after you pick them back up off the standee 
-Fix for pap zappers not having camo after putting back on the standee 
-Fix for Brute having his helmet on incorrectly after removing it after he grabbed a zombie 
-Fix for zombies who \"walk on air\" 
-Fixes for certain cards with the Alien Fight 
-Front end camera transition fixes 
-Fix for the croc mouth (sometimes it wouldn’t return to its original height) 
-Fix for seeing player outlines when they are playing emulated arcade games 
-Allow clowns to be part of the \"kill marked\" challenges 
-Make sure the Brute zombie doesn\'t decide to grab/kill zombies who are marked for a challenge 
-Fix for players being able to jump+sprint down the slide 
-Add the soul key progression to the front end. 
-Fix for players being able to repair a window from too far away and avoid being attacked 
-Fix for N31L\'s pause/unpause functionality being broken after letting him auto-pause due to multiple failed challenges in a row 
-Fixed the occasional crawling zombie playing a standing death animation 
-Reducing emissive on camos 
-Give player a hit reward if melee’ing during Infinite Ammo 

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