Pristine World

Pristine World - 1 DVD

Pristine world
(c) Cubic Pie

Release-Date: 08/16

Game.Type: Action

Pristine world is a tower defense game which takes place
in a magic world where only player stays between
precious magical crystals and darkness

In the Galaxy far far away existed one world. It was
reach with magic and resources, it was wonderful and
beautiful. Many different creatures lived there: dwarves
and elves, elementals and giants. There lived an undead
race also because of high magical activity

All was good and everybody lived in harmony. And with
undead too. But once appeared one crazy ruler and his
name was Alastor. He wanted to destroy all undead and
began The Great Crusade. He owned secrets of powerful
defensive structures, that allowed to create fortresses
everywhere he wanted for hours. Alastor and his armies
nearly won this war, but in the last battle one of the
greatest undead mages, Ancient Lich, opened portal to
the world of Darkness. Dark creatures rushed into bright
new world and owned many souls of mortals, including
mages, warriors, generals. Number of simple citizens
they enslaved was impossible to count
There wasn\'t many people who rescued. They went into
another world: grey and poor for resources and magic

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