Galactic Civilizations III Lost Treasures

Galactic Civilizations III Lost Treasures - 2 DVD

13-08-2016......Release Date
Strategy...........Game Type


Explore the galaxy and discover the secrets of long-forgotten worlds.
Uncover lost treasures of the past, discover ancient technologies, and
guide your empire into a new age of prosperity. How you choose to
handle unexpected events and challenges will have a direct impact on
how each newfound treasure functions within your empire.


New Colony Events: As you colonize planets, new colonization events
will challenge your people and your integrity. Each new event provides
new Ideology choices that may award unique planetary improvements and
ship components. Some of these events appear later in the game, so keep
your eyes open!

New Planetary Improvements: During your explorations, you will uncover
new and unique planetary improvements that may function differently
based on your Ideology choice. Choose wisely - you can only build one
improvement of each type per empire!

New Ship Components: Discover dozens of new and powerful ship
components like the \"Ancient Singularity Cannon\", \"Subspace Splinter\",
and the \"Hyper Gate Core\". Your Ideology Choice may affect how these
new components work on your ship. Work fast against your enemies - each
of these ancient treasures is unique and you can only have one in a
fleet at a time.


Made standalone, fully updated and featuring all previously released

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