The story of the In-births unfold-
Since time immemorial, the organization known as the   Night Blade   has
acted as guardians in what is known as the   Hollow Night  . While
resting from her eternal labors in a non-descript town that the
Princess of the Night Blade, Linne, meets a young boy named Hyde, who
is in possession of the fabled sword of destiny that she has been
searching far and wide for.

In the Hollow Night, monsters called Voids feed upon the power that
manifests there, while those known as In-births use that same power for
their own ends. While investigating the reason behind the sudden
increase in the numbers of both Voids and In-births in the Hollow
Night, Linne hears of an evil plot being hatched by someone calling
themselves   Paradox  . This person turns out to be none other than
Hilda, the leader of a shadowy organization known as   Amnesia  .

Vowing to stop   Paradox   before her nefarious plans come to fruition,
Linne heads off into the Night. Unbeknownst to her, the young boy she
encountered, Hyde, follows behind her with a desperate need to know
who, and what, she is.
And thus, the story of the Hollow Night, and In-births, begins--

The tale of the "In-births" and the battle for the "Abyss"
Those that dwell in the darkness of the night - the \"Voids\". It is said
that humans who have their souls consumed by the Void shall be bestowed
with an artificial death, and after which they awaken as an "In-birth".
The In-births awaken with a supernatural power known as "EXS", which
allows them to perform superhuman feats. The "Hollow Night", which
appears in the night of the full moon accompanied by the phenomenon of
the Crimson Fog. The "Abyss", the fountain of EXS and the core of it.
In there, power-wielders gather. For glory, for ambition, for pride,
for their own motives, the In-births fight.

Fantasy Light-Novel type Stylish Action Fighting
Pick one of the many unique characters, and fight your way through the
dangers of the "Hollow Night", and claim your victory over those who
obstruct your way. Experience the classic anime fighter controls, with
a splash of devastating combos and thrilling exchanges! A fight is more
than just pressing buttons!

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