StarDrive 2 - Sector Zero

StarDrive 2 - Sector Zero - 1 DVD

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Developer: Zero Sum Games
Genre: Strategy


You’re interested in buying this DLC? Well, hold on there bucko – I’m not sure if you’re rated on DLC that’s this hot. If you think you can handle this kind of horsepower, then what you’re looking at here is an incredible new set of features and content for the award-winning* galaxy-spanning PC entertainment experience that is StarDrive 2.
This baby takes the base game of StarDrive 2 and overhauls it with massive changes to the structure of the galaxy. First and foremost, the galaxy is now divided into Hexagonal Sectors, providing new resources, terrain features, chokepoints, and reasons for you to commit genocide on the friendly plant people.

New deep space construction mechanics allow you to fortify sectors with battlestations, mining outposts, science stations, and more. Sectors are jam-packed with new anomalies to explore, quests to unlock, and dangers to bravely run away from.
Sector Zero now features several new ways to win the game, including a technology victory, a story-based victory, and a score victory. You can view your progress towards your victory goal on the brand new victory screen. Dozens of new technologies have been added to support these new mechanics and the AI has been given some serious upgrades to help them win the game too!
Planetary Invasion mechanics have received a serious overhaul in this expansion pack as well. While the legacy 3d battle system will remain in place for story-based battles, planetary ground combats will now take place over several turns, allowing you – and the AI – an opportunity to gain space superiority and to reinforce a besieged planet.
But do you think we’d stop there? Because we didn’t! We also increased the maximum amount of Star Systems from 100 to 200, while providing you tinkerers with the option to crank that maximum up as high as your PC will allow!


New Hex-tile Strategy Map, with deep space terrain features like nebulae, wreckage fields, and more
New Deep Space Construction mechanics that will allow you to fortify sectors with battle stations and economic buildings
Three new ways to win the game
Dozens of new quests, anomalies, technologies, and events
Overhauled ground combat
Improved UI and AI
Increased Galaxy Size options

Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5 GHz
VGA: 1 GB nVidia Geforce GT460 or 500 MB ATI HD4850
DirectX: Version 9.0c

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