Professional Farmer 2017 Cattle and Cultivation

Professional Farmer 2017 Cattle and Cultivation - 1 DVD

Professional Farmer 2017 - Cattle & Cultivation
(c) United Independent Entertainment GmbH

13-01-2017......Release Date
Simulation.........Game Type


Delve deeper into your agricultural business with the feature-packed
Cattle & Cultivation Expansion for Professional Farmer 2017. With
additional animals   ducks and goats   comes great responsibility.
Breed and take care of those precious creatures to sell them on the
expanded cattle market for good profit. If you don\'t have enough time
to look after them properly, let the stockman do the work.

Introducing new economy cycles for grass and milk, an additional
financial mainstay. Couple the all-new silage wagon and hay rake, get
going and admire your sprouting sunflower fields.

New Content:

Sunflowers seeds
Ducks and goats
Grass and milk economy
All-new silage wagon and hay rake
Expanded cattle market
Stockman and yard dog


Made standalone and fully updated!

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