Panzer Corps - Soviet Corps

Panzer Corps - Soviet Corps - 1 DVD

13-03-2016......Release Date
Strategy...........Game Type 


Welcome to Russia, Comrade. Failure is not an option.

Expanding upon the award winning Panzer Corps game system, Soviet Corps
puts you in command of the forces of the Stalin\'s Russia and expects
nothing less than Total Victory!

Can you resist Operation Barbarossa with defensive actions such as at
Bialystock-Minsk and Moscow before counter-striking to relieve and
encircle Stalingrad and start the reclaiming of Soviet soil? You will
also see action in Finland, The Crimea, Romania and Hungary before
breaking down the doors of Berlin itself.

Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps is an expansion for existing Panzer Corps
owners and a full stand-alone for new players.

Soviet Corps includes more than 25 new scenarios in a branching
campaign stretching from Murmansk to The Crimea and from Khalkhin Gol
to the banks of the Elbe.

Players will also have access to over 60 new regular and special elite
units including the PT-34 variant of the T-34, GAZ-67B jeep recon, G-11
glider and even the IS-3 Heavy Tank!


This expansion is made standalone and features all previously released

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