Farming Simulator 15 - Holmer

Farming Simulator 15 - Holmer - 1 DVD

13-03-2016......Release Date
Simulator..........Game Type 


Extend your gaming experience with a new official extension for Farming
Simulator 15!

The Holmer DLC contains 2 brand new vehicles and 7 pieces of farming
equipment from Holmer, Bergmann and Zunhammer: a sugar beet harvester,
a system vehicle with several modules and more.

The DLC contains the following equipment:

HOLMER Terra Variant 600 eco Tractor
HOLMER GB 25 Grain Tank (Auger wagon)
HOLMER RB 35 Sugar Beet Tank (Auger wagon)
HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40 Sugar Beet Harvester
HOLMER HR 9 Header
HOLMER Header Transport Trailer
BERGMANN TSW A 19 TV Manure Spreader
ZUNHAMMER Vibro Slurry Spreader and Cultivator

Once downloaded, the additional content will be available in the in-
game shop. Please note that you will need sufficient in-game currency
to buy them.


This expansion is made standalone and features gold edition update and
all previously released DLC. To change language, edit steam_api.ini or
steam_api64.ini inside the crack folder, if you perfer other languages
than english.

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