Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox

Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox - 1 DVD

Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox PC Game Overview:

Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox is developed and published by Copybugpaste.

Homebrew is a physics based vehicle sandbox, where you can bring your concepts to life. It will challenge your creativity and problem solving skills by providing you with the right tools!

Homebrew has a steep learning curve, if you’re looking for a game where you lose track of time perfecting your creations, testing them in a vast world and searching for new approaches/solutions this is the game for you.

Key Fetures:

Physical based shaders
Vast amount of parts included and planned
Highly customizable settings with presets
Build whatever vehicle you can think of
Full open sandbox (no part limit)
Ability to have high speed vehicles
Vast range of controller support
Vast world with multiple islands
Dynamic day-night cycle
Water dynamics with wave physics

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