Hard West - Scars of Freedom

Hard West - Scars of Freedom - 2 DVD

Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Developer: CreativeForge Games
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy


Return to the unforgiving world of Hard West for an adventure in the Civil War Texas. Libertee is an escaped slave-turned-vigilante, enhanced without her consent with superhuman capabilities by one Doctor Gorman. Hungry for answers, and for revenge, she tracks down the mad surgeon, but his motivations turn out to be the opposite of what she had anticipated. As she makes up her mind about the doctor’s fate, the two will have to face an even more powerful enemy.

Experience a brand new tale in the weird world of Hard West during 7 new, specially crafted tactical combat encounters and overarching world map gameplay. Make strategic purchases for your gunfighters, then wreak havoc on your enemies and use their technology for your benefit. Enjoy a story narrated by two protagonists whose outlooks on life vary wildly, but who, deep inside, are more similar than they would like to admit.

Note : This release is updated to v1.4 and is Standalone


A new tale in the Hard West universe, featuring a unique mix of classic western and gothic horror.
A deeper, longer story, narrated through its numerous twists and turns by protagonists, Libertee and Dr. Gorman.
7 new tactical combat encounters and a world map with new, unique mechanics.
New Unique Surgical Bodily Augmentation System: Revamped character development system, allowing for strategic planning and more informed choices.
Rebalanced combat and character progression, offering a tighter, more challenging gameplay experience.
Fitzpatrick Revolver – a new, powerful gun in your arsenal.
10 new playable characters.

Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6 GHz
VGA: Radeon HD 4670 or GeForce GT 430
DirectX: Version 10

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