Disney Infinity 3.0 - Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity 2.0  - Marvel Super Heroes - 3 DVD

 Heroes and villains. Sorcerers and superheroes. Princesses and pirates. For 
  generations, Disney storytelling and Marvel adventures have sparked our 
  imaginations with characters and worlds of magic, action and adventure. Now, 
  Disney Infinity invites you to enter those worlds in game experiences only 
  Disney, Marvel - and your imagination - can bring to life.

  Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Starter Pack includes the 
  following digital content for the PC:

  - Marvel's The Avengers Play Set
  - Marvel's Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow Digital Characters 
  - Full Access to Toy Box 2.0 
  - Two Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box Games: Escape from the Kyln & Assault on 

  * Save The World with Marvel Super Heroes

  Disney Infinity just got super powered! Conquer a game universe where you 
  have endless opportunities to create stories and action adventures featuring 
  all-new Super Heroes, characters and powers!

  * Create Your Own Worlds and Games in Toy Box 2.0

  Enter the new Toy Box 2.0, where you can mix, match and mash up characters 
  and worlds to create any adventure you can imagine! Use the new Creator tool 
  to quickly build your worlds with ease. Create and share Toy Boxes online. 
  Connect your Toy Box creations with friends. Play without limits!

  * Marvel's The Avengers Play Set

  Unlock a new adventure with Marvel’s The Avengers Play Set! Power up with 
  Earth's mightiest heroes to stop Loki and his army of Frost Giants before 
  they freeze Manhattan - and the world! Team up as Iron Man, Thor, and Black 
  Widow and turn up the heat to stop these evil villains before it's too 

  * Play Toy Box Games

  Unlock two new full-length customizable games in Toy Box 2.0! Each comes 
  with its own pre-built games that will take you immediately into the 
  action. Build and customize your game by using Toy Box Toys of your choice 
  and play as any Disney Infinity character to complete your missions! Up to 
  4 player can play together online.

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