Zombie Zoid Zenith

Zombie Zoid Zenith - 1 DVD

03-09-2015......Release Date
    Action.............Game Type
 Zombie Zoid Zenith is an action game in third person where you will     
 embark on a journey to the side of the little Arthur to find and        
 protect his girlfriend. While the lovebirds were talking on the phone,  
 the news reported that a terrible virus was infecting the town\'s people 
 and turning them into zombies hungry for fresh meat.                    
 Now, this young man will venture the streets dominated by the dead to   
 reach the house of his beloved before the worst happens. Like Arthur,   
 try to be brave enough to face any danger that arises ahead.            
 While playing, you should be very careful not to let the life of your   
 character reaches zero. If this happens, it will also will turn a       
 bloody freak and even his girlfriend will be safe from their hunger.

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