Endless Legend Shadows

Endless Legend Shadows - 1 DVD

GAME.TYPE: RPG, Strategy

Here\'s a release with support for both x64 and x86 systems. This standalone
pack comes with the updated game (v1.2) and previously released DLC

This major addition to the game content includes the long-awaited espionage
system (spying, infiltration and pillaging). It also includes an entire
Major Faction, the Forgotten, whose gameplay is based on espionage

A nightmare out of history, the Forgotten are a faction that all others
thought to be lost or dead. Against their will they were forged into a
tight society of violent and distrustful survivors, having spent the final
years of the cataclysm alone on the surface of Auriga

Now, as rifts in their society have led a splinter faction to declare its
independence, the Forgotten are risking everything in the hopes that the
other factions will accept them - or kneel before them

Masters of deception, infiltration, and sabotage, the arrival of the
Forgotten among the factions of Auriga will change everything

Take advantage of the new Camouflage and Stealth capacities and play with
invisible units on the adventure map

Send your Heroes to infiltrate other empires unlocking access to detailed
information about their activities. New army actions allow you to steal
capture, sabotage and even poison Governors!

Defend your cities and Empire against potential infiltrations by using the
new Round up capacity and other counterespionage skills

Equip your Heroes and units with a set of new items, including the new
Scope accessories, to give them espionage and counterespionage abilities

Slow your enemy\'s progression by performing a new army action on the
adventure map: pillage converted villages, extractors and watchtowers

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