Black Sails - The Ghost Ship

Black Sails - The Ghost Ship - 1 DVD

17-09-2015......Release Date
    Adventure..........Game Type
 Best played with the lights turned off and the volume turned up, Black  
 Sails is a creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game.        
 A shipwreck. Having lost all hope, two survivors cling to wreckage,     
 trying to survive a few more minutes in the raging sea. Until another   
 ship appears. Hoping for rescue, they are calling out, but nobody       
 answers. They manage to go on board. Will this be their rescue? Or      
 their grave?                                                            
 Inspired by a true story, the player experiences a journey into the     
 darkest abyss of the human soul until he cannot tell between truth and  
 fiction anymore.                                                        
 Having been released in Germany a few years ago, gathering much         
 acclaim for its focused story and strong plot, Black Sails is now       
 available with full English localization for the first time ever. We    
 hope you\'ll enjoy it.                                                   
 Full English speech and text                                            
 Dense atmosphere                                                        
 A mysterious sailing ship to explore freely                             
 Focused on the fate of two main characters, Anna and Lex                
 Disturbing dream sequences                                              
 Decisions affect the characters\' relationship and the game\'s outcome    
 Classic point-and-click controls                                        
 Hint functionality (but not too many!)                                  
 Creepy soundtrack                    

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