Act of Aggression Reboot Edition

Act of Aggression Reboot Edition - 4 DVD
Release Date :  05/2016
Genre      : Strategy

Act  of Aggression  Reboot Edition brings  the  techno-thriller  RTS
game Act of Aggression to a higher level. The Reboot Edition offers
a full gameplay overhaul:  new resource  system,  playable  builder
units, new base buildings,  simplified research  system,  and  many
major mechanic improvements for smoother and more  dynamic gameplay
in skirmish mode against the AI and in your multiplayer battles.

               Watch the replay  Set in  the near-future,Act  of  Aggressionis  an
     explosive  techno-thriller  real-time strategy  game  hailing  from
     theGolden Era of RTS. With three global super-powers, there  can be
     only one victory. Across three distinct factions  each  armed  with
     the greatest modern andprototype military weaponry, head  into some
     of the worlds most volatile conflict zones, building bases for mass
     production,  establishing resource  supply lines,  and  waging  war
     inEugen Systemsexplosive RTS.

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