The Emptiness - Deluxe Edition

The Emptiness - Deluxe Edition - 1 DVD

You are lost. You find yourself in a house, a house      
      unlike any you\'ve ever  seen  before.  You  quickly      
      realize that this is no ordinary house, but  rather      
      a mysterious structure built out of your own doubts      
      and fears. And you are trapped. You  are  wandering      
      and looking for a way out, but  something  terrible      
      stands in your way. You strive for light,  but  the      
      darkness won\'t let you  go.  You  need  to  pass  a      
      series of tests, a series of challenges  that  will      
      test your wits, your will  and  even  your  sanity.      
      Open the doors to break out from the  dark  corners      
      of your soul.  Be  persistent  and  courageous  and      
      endure to the very end! Can  you  endure  the  dark      
      journey into The Emptiness?                              
      Warning! The game is  not  recommended  for  people      
      with an unhealthy state of mind, nervous  disorders      
      or heart  disease.  Experience  The  Emptiness  and      
      discover  a  psychological  adventure  game  unlike      
      anything you\'ve ever seen before! 

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