Red Goddess Inner World

Red Goddess Inner World - 1 DVD

08/2015 :..... RELEASE.DATE
GAME.TYPE ........: Action, Adventure
 Red Goddess is a nonlinear side-scroller platformer with combat situations
 in an adventure to explore the inner-mind of a young goddess with the
 objective of remembering and recovering her own powers. -----> 9,99 $/ 

 -Explore the mind of a young goddess. 
 -Fight against the dark thoughts and an invisible enemy The Narrator. 
 -Possess and move elements of the planet to uncover the mysteries from the
 past of the main character. 
 -Combination of brawl and platform action in an epic and compelling story. 

 Control 3 playable characters with their own unique skills and abilities in
 a non-linear platform/adventure game. 
 You can play the game with Divine, the main character, to jump, double
 jump, talk and interact, and also some psyche power like telekinesis. 
 You can also select and play as a mask of the main character (either Rage
 or Fear persona). 
 Once you play as a mask, you can unleash deadly melee combos, useful for
 combat situations. But the other mask appears following you everywhere in
 the game, and could turn against if you activate some traps. 
 Unlock Powers. You will have to find and collect pieces of an ancient armor
 to unlock new skills and enter new zones. 
 Possess and move elements of the planet to uncover the mysteries from the
 past of the main character. You also can possess the minds of enemies to
 use them in combat. 

 What\'s Red Goddess\'s Story? 
 The story resolves around a young goddess named Divine who is haunted by
 her own subconscious. Something unknown is tearing her apart from the
 inside out, destroying her mind and her soul. Deciding to right this wrong,
 she enters into her own subconscious and discovers a planet within her own
 mind. Filled with trees, mountains and caves, she will journey this world
 and discover what her true connection to it is. And more importantly, who
 she is. 

 ..but soon we realize that there is more to this adventure than what we
 first thought. Explore a mysterious Planet driven by the subconscious mind
 of the main character: Divine. 

 Who are the main characters? 
 Divine: The primary playable character and a goddess as young as the world
 she watches over. She is very useful to jump, double jump, speak, and
 interract with elements of the planet. But her main skill is to move
 objects with her telekinesis power to reach new zones. With these unique
 skills, can she discover her connection with the world she loves. 

 Rage: The first mask of Divine is a being of anger and muscle. Able to
 overpower red enemies with brute strength alone 

 Fear: The second mask of Divine is a being of almost ghostly fright. Swift
 and cold she is perfect against blue enemies. 

 Narrator: A nameless narrator that lurks the world of the young Divine.
 Though unsure of his true form, he can\'t hide his malicious intent to
 Divine. He\'s responsible for provoking the Dark Thoughts, blocking Divine
 from other zones of the world, and even make the world itself go against
 her. He can also make Divine and her sides dought themselves and attack
 each other. Can a monster truly be above a god? 

 Negative Thoughts: The primary enemies of Divine as she explores her world.
 With every zone infested with these things, they have adapted with the land
 to go against Divine. Leaving them alone will only cause the world to

 The dark tunnels hide horrible creatures, followers of Divine\'s negative
 thoughts. Little by little, they are corrupting every part of the planet. 
 and many more dangerous creatures 

 What is the Genre and Inspirations? 
 Yanim Studio Team is fan of Action/Adventure/Exploration, our inspirations
 are some of the great non-linear Side-Scroller games as: Guacamelee,
 Outland, SuperMetroid, Dust: An Elysian Tail. 

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