Windows 10 Pro-Home 32&64bit

Windows 10 Pro-Home 32&64bit - 2 DVD

A new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft called Windows 10, even though the previous major release was called Windows 8. Go directly to the Windows 10 reflects the company's desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version. Owned therefore, it was reportedly missing ninth version: the transition from the eighth to the tenth intended to directly represent a huge step forward to focus on the Internet and mobile users. In Microsoft Windows 10 was called "the most powerful platform in history." Presenter vice president of Microsoft's operating systems, Terry Meyerson said that Windows 10 will be installed at a wide range of different types of devices than previous versions. Some of these devices, according to the presentations, now includes not only desktop computers, laptops and tablets, but also smartphones, and televisions.

As expected, Microsoft has gone the way of further unification of software platforms for their devices. «Windows 10 is suitable for any device - be it Xbox, computer, phone, tablet, or any other gadget. For all these devices, Microsoft creates a single development platform and unified app store ", - the report says the company.

Microsoft said that Windows 10 is also suitable for devices within the concept of "Internet of Things" and the corporate data center, regardless of the screen size and general availability of the display, as well as the method of data entry. This is a rather unusual decision, as the developers of other popular platforms - in particular, Apple and Google - stick to separate approach to OS for different types of devices.

Among the key changes - Returns "Start" menu in the extended version, with which users can view the list of frequently used files and programs and a new button task management, which allows you to see all open applications and files, and quickly switch between them. In a string of problems and "Start" menu search string returned.

Applications from Windows Store is now open in the same format as that of the usual Windows-desktop software - Microsoft calls this feature "universal windows." The user can change the size of the windows, move them around the screen and control their activity in a single click.

Microsoft has also improved the function of multi-tasking - now Snap tool lets you work with 4 applications simultaneously and tells you how it is better to put on the screen. The company has justified forecasts and added support for virtual desktops. You can create virtual desktops for different purposes - such as work, school, personal life - and switch between them.

IT-experts will be able to download a preview version of Windows 10 for testing from October 1, and then receive updates as they become available and share their responses to the developers Microsoft. However, the top manager Joe Belfiore in the video on the technical version of Windows 10 stressed that it was "crude" and is not intended for inexperienced users. The final version of the company intends to release as early as 2015

Features :

The uniform for all Windows devices. Windows 10 will be installed on a wide range of devices than previous versions of OC. Some of these devices include not only personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, televisions, various boards and industrial devices used for scripting Internet of Things. New OC will also be a single platform for application development and delivery of single channel applications via Shop.

Improved user interface. The interface of the operating system, on the one hand, was accustomed, on the other hand, has gained several new features. 
"Start" menu. Opened by clicking on the logo in the lower left corner of the desktop. In the left column of the menu contains shortcuts to the most recent applications running in the right - universal application tiles. The menu also contains the buttons for power management and an updated search function to search not only in the local system, but also on the Internet.

Universal application windows. Now the classic applications for the desktop and the new Universal applications run in their own window on the desktop. 
Enhanced Snap. Work in multiple applications at once it became easier and more convenient. Now Snap feature allows you to open up to 4 applications simultaneously on the screen and tells Windows what other applications are running and how they can be placed. Windows 10 will help make better use of screen space unallocated for other applications.

Many desktops. Users can create multiple desktops and place them on the application window. You can display all created tables on the screen and switch between them.

Multitasking. On the taskbar button, a new Task View. By clicking on it, the screen will appear as thumbnails of all running Windows applications.

Special attention to business users and data. When you create a Windows 10, special attention was paid to corporate users. The new OS will be compatible with all conventional control systems that use the organization. The operating system provides new opportunities for the separation of workers and the personal data on devices of all types, which will translate the concept of BYOD in organizations.

System Requirements :

Processor: 1 GHz or faster RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) Disk space: 16 GB free space Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device

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