The Amber Throne

The Amber Throne - 1 DVD

07-07-2015......Release Date
    RPG................Game Type
 After awakening from her coffin, Arra recalls little but the last words 
 spoken by her father, “Destroy the Amber Throne.” Looking into the sky, 
 she finds what was once his magnificent castle is now floating in the   
 sky, far above the world below. Arra must find a way to reach the       
 castle before others catch wind of it, lest the powerful Amber Throne   
 fall into the wrong hands.                                              
 Amber Throne is a traditional JRPG-styled game that focuses on          
 turn-based battling and some light exploration. The game features a     
 large cast of unique monsters that change stances depending on actions  
 taken during combat, and a party with mostly mixed hybrid roles to deal 
 with them. Learning monster behavior and how your skills affect them is 
 essential to reaching victory.

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