SHOFER Race Driver

SHOFER Race Driver - 1 DVD

GAME.TYPE: Racing, Simulation

About This Game SHOFER Race Driver is a racing genre video game by Zhoori
Maang Studio.The player controls a race car in a variety of races, the goal
being to win the race. In the tournament/career mode, the player must win a
series of races in order to unlock vehicles and tracks. Before each race
the player chooses a vehicle, and has the option of selecting either an
automatic or manual transmission. in SHOFER the cars can suffer mechanical
and visual damage.Career (SHOFER)Career Mode allows players to unlock new
vehicles and new race tracks. Players progress through the career mode by
beating a series of \"Tournament\". Players complete the career mode (SHOFER
Tournament) upon defeating the \"Stages\" and the kings of Street for each
event type discipline.Tournaments are a set of Stages held at a various
locations and tracks. Placing in an event on the Tournaments will earn the
player points. Players can complete all the events on a Tournaments to earn
enough points to win the Tournaments.Players will unlock new tracks and
vehicles and with every win and king of a Tournament. A race organization
starts with one Tournament and a challenge Tournament which provides cars
for the player to use at no cost. Players can pick one of the provided cars
as a prize after winning a challenge Tournament and buy each unlocked
vehicles.Speed KingSpeed Challenge is the Speed King Race types with
special sport vehicles.Drag KingDrag King is a race types with general
vehicles.Customization: Multi user and Multilingual GUIs and dialogues In
the \"My stuff\" feature Players can see all cars in their garage and
specifically choose how to control cars Visual tuning is just sets of
livery for each cars. Event Types: Circuit - Players race with up to seven
other racers on a closed race course with a set number of laps. Sprint
Class - Up to eight racers take part in a race split into two teams with
different performance classes with each having four racers. Speed Challenge
Players race with up to seven other racers on a closed race A to B
course. The courses are generally designed for players to hit very high
speeds. Drag - Racers face off against each other in a knock-out
tournament. Four different level of hardness Easy graphic optimizer feature
to rise down and up graphics quality during game play to have a fixed frame
rate. Rubber Band AI: Dynamic game difficulty balancing Very enjoyable
Semi-Arcade game play with nitro support Realistic suspension and tire
model Keyboard - Game pad and mouse input controllers support Special
Kurdish music tracks.Quick Racelayers can freely choose cars and race
them in a race day they\'ve created. Players can choose the events and
locations.Damage:Vehicles can have their performances affected by the
condition of their components. Lightly damaged vehicles will see a small
drop in performance. Fairly damaged vehicles will see noticeably reduced
performance, faulty steering or failing suspension. Heavily damaged
vehicles will see a significant reduction in performance, steering and
suspension.A vehicle will become \"Totaled\" if it reaches, exceeds its
damage resistance.Players cannot repair their vehicles during an event but
it will automatically repaired on Tournaments finished.Locations:Many of
the races take place on well-known roads in Kurdistan Mountains.There are
15 track available with Day - Night - Reverse and All in rainyCarsThere are
a total of 24 drivable cars in SHOFER

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