Machina of the Planet Tree - Planet Ruler

Machina of the Planet Tree - Planet Ruler - 1 DVD

The “Old World” was a world with an advanced civilization, but after its destruction there was little to no evidence left of its existence.That world was created from the blessing of the ether energy provided by the Planet Tree, Esthanatelle.
After the destruction of the “Old World,” the Esthanatelle Order, worshipers of the Planet Tree, took control of the world.
During that time, “Attributes,” relics of the “Old World” were being excavated in ruins everywhere, and the Order established Halbern Machinery Academy to research these “Attributes.”
The stated purpose of the Academy was the management and control of “Attributes” but, as it began to bring more places under its control, gradually the Order’s control on it lessened and the Academy soon began to act independently, as a governing institution over a large part of the world.

Features a unique action point-based combo system!
Wield an array of dazzling moves to triumph over your foes!
Explore Halbern and meet its colorful inhabitants.
Enjoy catgirls conversation between your party amid exploration with unique skits!


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