Ironclad Tactics - Deluxe Edition

Ironclad Tactics - Deluxe Edition - 1 DVD

Ironclad  Tactics  is  a   fast-paced,   card-based      
        tactics game set  in  an  alternate  history  Civil      
        War - with steam-powered military robots!                
        Key Features:                                            
        * No microtransactions! Unlock cards by playing the      
          game, not by purchasing them separately.               
        * Experience   unique   gameplay,    with    rapid,      
          simultaneous turns that blend  the  precision  of      
          tactics and card games with  the  spontaneity  of      
          fast-paced strategy games.                             
        * Follow   the    campaign    story    through    a      
          fully-illustrated,  character-driven  interactive      
          graphic novel.                                         
        * Collect cards as you play  through  the  campaign      
          and build your own decks to crush your foes.           
        * Play  with  your  friends  in  the  co-op   story      
          campaign or against them in skirmish and  nemesis      
        * Face   off   against   online   challengers    in      
          quick-skirmish mode,  and  unlock  special  cards      
          when you win.                                          
        The Digital Deluxe Edition includes:                     
        * Ironclad Tactics: The Rise of Dmitry DLC               
        * Ironclad Tactics: Blood and Ironclads DLC              
        * A high-quality digital artbook                         
        * A printable papercraft model of an ironclad            
        * The Ironclad Tactics OST

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