Chronicle Keepers The Dreaming Garden

Chronicle Keepers The Dreaming Garden - 1 DVD

     06/2015 :..... RELEASE.DATE
GAME.TYPE ........: Adventure, Casual

About This Game Have you ever had this weird feeling, that the parallel
world really exist? What if the door to that forbidden place hides in your
bookshelf? Your mother used to be a covert chronicle keeper - a guardian
that supports the stable connection between both worlds. After the sudden
attack of evil force, you are the only one, who can save her. Do you have
what it takes to keep up with family tradition? One book can change a life
forever... Be brave enough to read the Chronicle Keepers: Dreaming Garden! 

*  2 parallel worlds - the gem makes you see, what\'s unseen 
*  huge amount of well-thought-out side quests 
*  thrilling storyline 
*  breathtaking graphics and fabulous soundtrack 
*  17 Hidden Objects scenes and over 45 different, magical locations 

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