Stronghold Crusader 2 - The Princess and The Pig

Stronghold Crusader 2 - The Princess and The Pig - 1 DVD

09-04-2015......Release Date
Strategy...........Game Type


Blow the horn, bang the drum, The Pig is coming to town The Princess &
The Pig DLC resurrects one of four central antagonists from the
original Stronghold (2001) in a brand new Crusader Trail, while also
introducing a completely new character in the form of the noble
Princess. The first piece of downloadable content available for
Stronghold Crusader 2, The Princess & The Pig adds seven missions, two
AI opponents, 10 achievements and new castle designs unique to The
Princess and The Pig.

New Missions
New contestants have entered the fray in the battle for Jerusalem The
Princess and The Pig have embarked for the holy lands bringing swords,
spears and maces in a journey destined to disrupt the balance of power.
Players must fight their way through a new skirmish trail with seven
deadly scenarios to tackle, including three new maps. Old faces such
as The Wolf, Richard the Lionheart and Saladin also make a return,
smarter and more strategic than before. While these new rivals
sometimes aid the player in battle, they wont hold back when it comes
to the gruesomely difficult finale.

The Pig
Starved by an abusive father as an infant, it wasn\'t long before The
Pig ran away from home and joined up with a group of bandits in the
English backcountry. After proving himself in a series of early raids
The Pig quickly rose to lead this band of brigands, claiming the
finest spoils from each skirmish as his own. He soon took to
overeating, becoming morbidly overweight and using this newfound size
to intimidate his enemies. Despite this chequered past The Wolf
eventually managed to secure The Pig a Dukedom, after which he became
The Wolf\'s personal enforcer on the battlefield. Although the two
often work as a team, The Pig fears The Wolf just as much as he did
his own father.

The Princess
While The Pig was effectively raised by bandits, raiding nobles in the
English countryside, The Princess is a very different character born
into privilege. Her position in the royal court has meant she spent her
entire life with nothing to prove. Fortunately for her growing up in
high society has left The Princess with a powerful sense of
self-reliance and confidence, sorely lacking in certain other Lords and
Ladies. After solidifying her place and influence in the royal court,
The Princess is now determined to prove her worth as a commander on the
battlefield. This drive makes her every bit as fearless and proud a
military leader as any male heir to the throne.

Key Features:

New Skirmish Trail - Challenge yourself with seven new single player
missions in \'The Princess & The Pig\' skirmish-based Crusader Trail.

New AI Opponents - Two new AI Lords added to the new Crusader Trail,
online Multiplayer and Skirmish mode.

The Pig - Returning from the original Stronghold The Pig is a brutal
and relentless attacker, launching sieges early on with high speed
The Princess - A brand new character to the series, The Princess uses
her power and wealth to overwhelm the player with high numbers of

Extra Achievements - Claim the title of master strategist with 10 new
Steam achievements.

Please Note: The Princess & The Pig is made standalone and has all
previously released content and is updated to latest version.

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