Solarix - 1 DVD


About This Game Solarix is a science-fiction stealth-horror game featuring
open-ended levels for both combative and stealth-focused playstyles
Solarix combines old-school sci-fi horror with modern style and graphics
The story follows an electrical engineer desperately fighting for his life
after an infection wipes out an interstellar research station. He must
contain the disease, battling both the remnants of the crew and his own
fracturing mind. Our goal is to go beyond jumpscares and cheap thrills
Solarix is about a world that overpowers you with unease, insecurity, and
desperation, forcing you to confront your own role in the horrors to come

*12 chapters with engrossing story line with lots of unique characters that
provide psychological depth to player experience of survival horror

*Variety of weapons and hacking tools allowing the player to develop
different strategies to overcome obstacles and progress for sneaking &
combat & puzzle solving & environmental interaction

*Advanced Stealth A.I with varying voice sets & detection abilities and
several other perceptive features

*Unique puzzles in that require exploration and information gathering in
classic adventure style

*Wide variety in environments...In Solarix, you\'ll travel from cramped
corridors to vast exotic forests to giant space stations to ominous
underground facilities

*Professional voice acting providing lots of depth to background

*Chilling atmosphere and sound design not just used for cheap jumpscares
but to enhance the richness of background world and story

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