Abyss Raiders - Uncharted

Abyss Raiders - Uncharted - 1 DVD

GAME.TYPE: Action, Adventure, Strategy

About This Game

Story... Death and darkness have engulfed the world. Humans have all since
perished, leaving robots alone to rule. The robots compete fiercely for
energy. In time, they will simply tend towards their own destruction, just
as the humans did. However, there is a group of robots that are committed
to resolving this crisis; studying human history deeply, they reach the
conclusion that the answer to their problems is the soul.To learn any more
about how they can achieve this, they must speak to the creator of this
world. Unfortunately, the most recent information about the creator
suggests that they left the universe a very long time ago. The only
solution is to travel to another dimension in search of the creator. To
this end, they endeavour to build a trans-dimensional space transporter

GameAbyss Raiders: Uncharted is an action tower defence game, set in a
future where robots are the dominant species in the universe. You will need
to survive waves of fierce enemies whilst searching the ancient ruins for
the power that will prevent the second apocalypse
The gameplay is mainly divided into two parts. The first part is strategy:
Out of a large selection of turrets, you must choose a combination of 5 of
them by understanding the energy requirements and usability of each. Once
in game, you will need to deploy the turrets strategically in real-time
making the best use of the available energy sources. The second part is
tactics: You will need to choose 4 skills that complement the turret
configuration you have created. For example, you could select skills that
will repair and overload turrets, skills that create traps, or skills that
simply provide additional firepower support
In Abyss Raiders: Uncharted you will need to collect relics to upgrade your
skills and turrets and unlock new levels. Only with a good mixture of skill
and cunning can you destroy the ancient evil and find all the relics hidden
in the abyss

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