Train Fever - USA

Train Fever - USA - 1 DVD

    01-03-2015......Release Date
    Simulation.........Game Type

 With the USA DLC, a complete American game mode is added to Train       
 Fever. Equivalent to the original European game mode, the player starts 
 in 1850 and experiences more than 150 years of railroad history. More   
 than 50 realistic American vehicles including trains, buses, streetcars 
 and trucks are included.                                                
 To make the American experience complete, landscape and towns are       
 modified as well. Wild West stylized American towns spread in a desert  
 landscape and wait for a transport tycoon to be connected to the world. 
 Also, environment elements like trees, streets and the sky have been    
 All vehicles are realistic. Models and textures have been developed by  
 using blueprints and photographs of the original vehicles. As a result, 
 the USA DLC depicts quite a piece of American railroad and              
 transportation history.                                                 
 The USA DLC has been developed in close collaboration with the modding  
 community. We are excited that modders have contributed more than 15    
 vehicles. It’s great to see such an active modding community. To        
 further support these activities, together with the release of the USA  
 DLC modding support is significantly extended.                          
 Complete USA game mode (equivalent to European game mode)               
 More than 50 realistic and detailed American vehicles                   
 Trains, buses, streetcars and trucks of more than 150 years of American 
 American landscape, towns, streets and environment                      
 NOTE: This expansion is made standalone         

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