Mushroom Men Truffle Trouble

Mushroom Men Truffle Trouble - 1 DVD

Game information:

 Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble is a unique platforming game featuring  Pax,
 the hero of Mushroom Men.

 Pax is trapped in a terrible nightmare. You control Pax as he  is  pursued
 by the besotted Truffle Princess,  combining  classic  platforming  action
 with imaginative puzzle-solving as you must move, stack, and  use  objects
 to create new paths to jump and clamber on, all while the Truffle Princess
 draws ever closer.

 Being in a dream, even if it is a nightmare, can have its advantages.  Pax
 can transform into different forms to help him negotiate the  world,  each
 with its own distinct and powerful abilities. You can  use  the  forms  to
 scamper across vertical walls, turn invisible, or  even  fly  across  vast
 chasms, but using them at the right time is the key.

 Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble hooks you with its distinct  gameplay,  then
 keeps you engaged with its  beautiful  worlds,  quirky  humor,  and  Pax\'s
 super-powered forms.


 * Platforming - Pax can run, jump, climb, cling to ledges, 
   push, pull, and grab objects, and use his special Form 
   abilities to overcome obstacles.
 * Puzzles - Pax is able to manipulate his environment through
   stacking or moving objects in the world, allowing you to
   creatively use parts of the environment to create new 
   paths for platforming your way forward.
 * The Chase - As you move through the levels you are under a time
   pressure: the Truffle Princess is after you, steadily smashing
   her way through the level. You must find a way to keep ahead,
   increasing your lead enough so that you have time to puzzle
   through the tricky parts. Even the most basic stretches of 
   levels become critical as you push to stretch your lead.
 * Enemies - Scattered throughout the levels are opponents that 
   you want to avoid or destroy. Each opponent has a different 
   set of abilities. Some move about in a small area, others fly 
   about and attack you from range. You either need to avoid 
   them and their attacks, or land on them to squish them.
 * Forms - Truffle Trouble features five new Forms that 
   Pax can mutate into, each one with its own set of
   distinct powers and movement abilities.

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