Astray - 1 DVD

02/2015 :..... RELEASE.DATE
GAME.TYPE ........: Horror

Astray is a first-person horror/puzzle game set in an abandoned museum based
on unusual cultures, legends, and supernatural themes but something more
sinister lurks beneath the surface
Playing as the nephew of the museums missing curator, you must survive as
you make your way through the abandoned building, interacting with objects,
and completing puzzles along your way to unravelling the mystery of what lies
beneath the museum.

The game takes place in 1909 inside Prof. Walker\'s Museum of the Supernatural,
an in-development museum based on supernatural themes and unusual cultures.
Rupert Walker, the museum\'s curator, spends most of his time locked away in
his museum preparing for the grand opening.
Recently, the professor has acquired a mysterious artefact for display in his
exhibits, an artefact which he has obsessed over since it came into his
Rupert\'s family is accustomed to his odd behaviour, but an unusually long
period of silence from your uncle has prompted you to investigate on the
family\'s behalf. You arrive on foot to an old building in the middle of rural
central England.
The building is in disrepair, artefacts and props are strewn around the
The doors are boarded up and there is no sign of life inside the museum.
You must find a way inside the old building so that you may locate your uncle,
and uncover the mystery of the strange artefact.

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