Aaru’s Awakening

Aaru’s Awakening - 1 DVD

Aaru’s Awakening is a hand drawn 2D action platformer. The game requires players to make the most of Aaru’s two mobile abilities – teleportation and charging – as he travels through the world of Lumenox to defeat an evil entity. These two abilities are at the heart of every level design throughout the game, to make a challenging and fluid experience.

The world of Lumenox consists of a balance between Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night. But the balance is being compromised by a dark menace from the domain of Night. As a last hope Dawn sends out his champion, Aaru, to travel all the way to Night’s domain and restore balance.

The game is created with a transcendent, dreamy art style where everything starts on paper. By doing the line on paper we are able to achieve a certain charm that is often lost when an image is done entirely digital – approaching the entire production in a fairly old school way. The music is carefully crafted to further enhance your experience with dreamy hymns, that capture the mood of the game. The storyline is expressed through cut scenes.


Hand-drawn Art – Unique art style drawn by hand.
Compelling Story – Artistic narrated cut-scenes.
Dreamy Music – Dreamy hymns that immerse you into the Lumenox world
Four Domains – Four domains in the world of Lumenox – each with their own unique flavour.
Intuitive Gameplay – Intuitive game play with teleportation and charging mechanics at the heart of the design.

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