Eden - 1 DVD

Game information:

 In the near future, an ominous red star suddenly appears in the  sky.  Its
 presence is about to bring about the extinction of all life on Earth.  The
 unified government proposes an evacuation project to take all  of  mankind
 into space, but in order  to  make  the  seemingly  impossible  project  a
 reality, \'felixes\' are brought into the world.  Engineered  to  be  highly
 intelligent with perpetual youth and longevity, the  genetically  modified
 superhuman felixes stand as humanity\'s only hope for survival.

 Sion, the most gifted of the felixes, has been kept in a research facility
 built on a solitary island for the past hundred years. Her  sole  purpose,
 saving all of humanity. Ryou Haruna, a soldier from  the  Earth\'s  unified
 government is sent to watch over Sion, who desperately seeks freedom  from
 the military that\'s imprisoning her. Earth\'s last love story is  about  to

 A tale of the planet\'s final love story  told  using  the  full  force  of
 minori\'s  critically  acclaimed  illustrative  style,   engaging   musical
 compositions, and the highly talented staff that has led fans coming  back
 for more every single time!

 Eden tosses aside the traditional sprite  and  talking  heads  conventions
 used by many visual novels  and  instead  employs  a  far  more  cinematic
 approach consisting of  almost  all  event  illustrations.  Told  using  a
 widescreen resolution of 1024 x 640, eden promises a play-experience  more
 akin to enjoying a movie than reading  a  book.  We  hope  that  this  new
 approach to the  visual  novel  medium  provides  a  much  more  enjoyable
 experience for everyone.

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