Drunken Robot Pornography

Drunken Robot Pornography - 1 DVD


 You\'re Reuben Matsumoto. You used to own a bar.


 You gave your robot bartender, Tim, sentience. He went nuts, stole
 your other 12 bots, and burned down your bar.


 He\'s attacking Boston with 20,000 drones, 40 Titans, and his
 lieutenants, the 12 Drunken Robot Centerfolds.

 30-story tall giant robots. Jetpacks. Guns. It all started so
 innocently. Your robot bartender, Tim, used to make the best drinks
 at your nightclub. But you gave him sentience so that he could
 better empathize with the customers. Struck by the world\'s problems,
 he went crazy, burned your club to the ground, and fled with your
 twelve exotic robot dancers.

 Weeks later, giant robots started attacking the City of Boston --
 not a coincidence! Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) is a bullet-hell
 first-person shooter for Windows. Battle giant robots -- called
 Titans -- as they try to slice you apart with their lasers. Pick off
 their missile launchers, fry away their carbon fiber armor, and tear
 off their claws, leaving them writhing.

 * 3D First-person bullet-hell giant robot boss-battle(Titans)
 * Compete in the Drunken Robot Battle Royale weekly challenge
 * Build Titans with the Giant Robot Construction Kit -- 300+ Titans
   in Steam Workshop already!
 * Create your own levels in the Arena Builder -- 100+ maps in Steam

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