The Apotheosis Project

The Apotheosis Project - 1 DVD

Penelope Barker and Aaron S. Reid are agents of the extra-governmental Pandora Global Corp, which works in parallel with the CIA. Unbeknown to them, they are also guinea pigs in an ambitious and dangerous project. The corporation is experimenting with a modification to DNA that is capable of altering the faculties of the subjects, thereby granting them powers beyond the ordinary.

Unaware of their condition, they set off on one of the missions intended to realise "Project Apotheosis", the implications of which are unknown to all taking part in it save Pandora Parlow, the president of the organisation. When they meet their contact and his colleagues, things escalate: the money in their possession is found to be counterfeit and they end up being taken to a place that strongly resembles a prison.

Now that they are locked up and no longer being administered the antidote, their powers will be reawoken and will enable them to escape, at least from the prison: escaping from the island will be much harder. A complete absence of equipment, the parallel dimensions that impinge on reality and a severe lack of help, given that the island is sparsely populated, will make the task seem impossible - until of course, YOU take control of the agents... 

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