Haunted House - Cryptic Graves

Haunted House - Cryptic Graves - 1 DVD

About This Game Inspired by the classic Atari hit of the same name, the new
Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is a terrifying, first-person, adventure-horror
game filled with cryptic puzzles, supernatural entities and paranormal

You are Anya Graves, heir to Abaddon Grange, the estate of Zachary Graves - a
notorious occultist and collector of all things supernatural. As the
mysteries and terror of Abbadon Grange unfold, your true powers will awaken
along with a long-dormant evil

* Communicate with the dead by using your special powers, including the
ability to touch objects to glean information about their previous owner
* Explore mysterious rooms and corridors throughout the haunted mansion
including the catacombs, garden maze, and laboratories, to uncover the truth
about the estate\'s dark past
* Craft different powerful potions using the four elements of Alchemy: Fire
Air, Water, and Earth to help you explore different passageways and protect
yourself from deadly apparitions
* Evade horrid ghosts and enemies that possess supernatural abilities
including the Silent Stalkers, Jack the Ripper, Witch and more
* Solve the mysteries of the Haunted House by helping the Ghost avenge his
murder which will release his spirit from the house
* Developed by Dreampainters, the seasoned team behind the critically
acclaimed survivor horror game, Anna
* Written by award-winning comics and videogame writer Gordon Rennie
scriptwriter for Killzone

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