Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island - 2 DVD

Escape Dead Island represents a crucial bridge between the events of  Dead
Island and Dead Island 2, and finally reveals the origins  of  the  virus,
even some tantalizing clues where the events are going to lead... but it\'s
up to you to decide what to believe.  That\'s  because  this  story-driven,
single-player game is  played  through  the  eyes  of  Cliff  Calo,  who\'s
watching his world unravel

Cliff is the spoiled son of a powerful media mogul who has stolen a  yacht
with his friends determined  to  film  the  documentary  of  the  century
exposing the truth about the Banoi outbreak to  the  public.  Their  plan
infiltrate the archipelago\'s top-secret quarantined island of Narapela and
document everything

Players freely explore this all-new island, sneaking to avoid undead  that
can hear and smell you. But even this island full of zombies isn\'t what it
appears to be on the surface

Cliff struggles with his own sanity as the  world  around  him  begins  to
become increasingly unpredictable. Time distorts and folds in  on  itself
strange messages appear and impossible events shatter reality. Oceans turn
to blood, containers plummet from  the  clear  sky...  If  Cliff  had  any
thoughts about this being a routine documentary, he\'d be \"dead\" wrong

The whole experience is vividly realized with comic-inspired visuals  that
complement Cliff\'s surreal situation, delivering on Dead Island\'s  promise
of a paradise gone to hell. In the case of Escape, it turns out  to  be  a
particularly private hell

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