Basketball Pro Management 2015

Basketball Pro Management 2015 - 1 DVD

About This Game In Basketball Pro Management 2015 you will take control of
your own basketball team It\'s your job to take it to the top of the rankings
by managing a wide variety of parameters including the composition of your
starting five, training, transfers, objectives and, of course, finances

Many tactical choices that affect each game are possible, with detail that
will please the shrewdest of tacticians. You can even create your own game
systems, and for the novice coaches, be able to let your playmaker decide on
part of the tactics to be adopted, will also be at ease.

You can replay the games in 2D or in 3D to refine your strategy during and
after the games. Thanks to the database editor, players are even allowed to
custom their game and add new players.

If you do not know the rules or the basic tactics of Basketball, do not
worry, the game includes a tutorial with all the basics of Basketball
available at any time.

Now in its fourth year, Basketball Pro Management 2015 introduces numerous
features and improvements. Among these upgrades, managers this year can look
forward to more challenging and tactically-minded AI opponents, enhanced
recruiting, and a refreshed league-satisfaction system.

In addition to rankings and budgets, an effective manager has to plan for the
growth of individual players and the team\'s performance. Recruiting has been
redesigned to offer significantly more depth through the addition of
league-specific regulations, including leagues from North America, China,
Turkey, and many more worldwide.

Running a successful team takes more than good coaching skills. Team-rank,
performance against rivals, and a wide variety of other parameters all affect
the support you receive from fans and owners, and in turn, the income from
tickets and stadium shops. Manage your goals wisely. After all, the most
competitive players don\'t come cheap.

Additional Features & Enhancements

Manage everything from recruitment to finances, and training to coaching.
43 playable leagues, including six women\'s leagues.
New: International competitions (e.g. Olympics, World Cup)
New: Six national competitions added (including China, Great Britain,
Australia and Lebanon)
13,000 players and 1,600 teams, all customizable in the database editor.
Set training schedules to focus and guide player-growth.
Plan your tactics and change them on the fly during the game.
2D and new 3D game simulations.

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