Alice - Madness Returns - The Complete Collection

Alice - Madness Returns - The Complete Collection - 2 DVD

Once upon a time there  was  a  little  girl  named
Alice who very much  believed  in  fairytales.  Her
vivid   imagination   created   a   place    called
Wonderland, a world full of magic,  white  rabbits,
and tea parties. Then a man  named  American  McGee
entered the picture,  and  everything  changed.  He
tossed the storybook out the window and gave  us  a
seriously sinister version of this well-known tale.
After losing everything  in  a  house  fire,  going
insane,  living  in  a  mental   institution,   and
exploring a disturbing version of Wonderland, you'd
think that  McGee  would  be  done  torturing  poor
Alice. Well, think again. After 10 years, Alice may
be ready to leave the institute and start over, but
McGee has other plans for our heroine.  Haunted  by
frightening images of her dead parents, she  begins
to question how  "accidental"  their  death  really
was. Driven to madness again, Alice tries to escape
to Wonderland, but the entire world is in  shambles
thanks to her mental state.  The  land  is  stained
with blood, and the creatures are completely broken
down. The only way  out  is  through  the  madness:
Alice must confront and conquer her demons to  save
her sanity and restore Wonderland.

The Complete Edition includes:

* Alice: Madness Returns  Weapons  Of  Madness  And
Dresses Pack - Return to  Wonderland  and  battle
the corruption with all new  weapon  upgrades  as
well as 6 new collectible dresses.

* Bonus Game - The original American McGee's  Alice
includes  the  original  2000  PC  game  American
McGee's Alice. This game is available at the Main

menu of Alice: Madness Returns.

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