Toy Wars Invasion

Toy Wars Invasion - 1 DVD

Do you remember the evil toys of Sid in Toy Story the movie?
With single player or 4 person co-op modes available, our FPS co-op game has you playing as a toy where you fight the invading toy armies containing 21 evil enemy toys. The game has 2 modes of play, survival and objective/survival, depending on map.
Choose from 13 weapons and 2 armed vehicles as the “wanted” toys of the world fight the “unwanted” in a real world perspective (everyday objects are huge). The environment is interactive, meaning game play varies and you can use it to your advantage in battle, e.g. shoot a basket off a hook and it will squash and kill friend or foe if it lands on them.
  • Ballerina who kills with her luscious legs
  • the 2 Wizards
  • Cyborg Bear
  • Soldier Bear
  • Cowboy Bear
  • Goliath Bear
  • 6 types of Punks
  • Head Bomber who has his head replaced with a pirate cannon
  • 2 Gnomes
  • 4 Plastic Soldiers

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