Snow Light

Snow Light - 1 DVD

Snow Light is a visual novel, a digital graphic novel that you can read
dynamically and where you ear musics and sound effects!
Here you won't gun or crash your enemies, you will look, read, listen and
enjoy it!

The game takes place in a close futuristic world where nations are living in
a fragile peace, military conflicts have become commonplace since the
scarcity of first resources and the rise of private armies.

You'll follow a professional of espionage missions, Snow Light, and will
travel in various parts of the globe such as Turkmenistan, Russia or

- Story divide in 5 chapters, with more than 30 000 words dialogue length
- Anime inspired Graphic Style, CG based narration
- Intense action scene rythmed by Quick-Time Event
- Unique story arc, with some viewpoints changes
- 19 music tracks composed by two great composers, Petteri SAINIO and
Christoph RAUCH

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