Schrodingers Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark

Schrodingers Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark - 1 DVD

Schrdingers Cat is a fun, fanatic, wacky and colourful puzzle laden
platform game, set in a unique and quirky quantum physics world.

There is Chaos at the Particle Zoo as what used to be a cheery
theme-park style environment is now overrun with leptons,
sticky-fingered gluons and the massive immovable bosons. The Zoo is put
on lockdown, and the emergency services are called in to sort
everything out. Those emergency services? Schrdingers Cat, of course

Combine and create useful bits of temporary matter such as, bridges,
ladders and grenades to combat and subdue the kleptomaniacal gluons and
cantankerous bosons now running amok to help Schrodingers Cat round up
all the escapees from the particles zoo.


7 frustrating environments

9 overly chatty and annoying characters

11 Particle-Based Baddies

14 Quark Combos

Nonsensical task-based gameplay

A satisfying climax that only clever people will be able to enjoy

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