The Room

The Room - 1 DVD

The Room (c) Fireproof Games

Release Date: 28/07/2014
Game Type:    Adventure, Strategy

Game information
Fall into a world of bizarre contraptions and  alchemical  machinery  with
The Room, a BAFTA award-winning 3D puzzler from Fireproof Games. Follow  a
trail of cryptic letters and  solve  many  unique  devices  in  ever  more
extraordinary places, on a time-spanning  journey  where  machinery  meets

The Room PC is a fully-enhanced HD release of Apple\'s 2012  iPad  Game  Of
The Year, including the \'EPILOGUE\' DLC that adds 20% more content and play
time to the original release. This PC version of the game  has  been  many
months in the making and has involved recreating almost every asset in the
game from the ground up

Fireproof Games are a small independent team working in Guildford  in  the
UK. We self-published our first game The Room in September 2012  and  were
stunned with both the critical success and our new-found fan-base, not  to
mention multiple international awards. The Room has changed our lives  and
we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it

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