Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Stellar Phenomena

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Stellar Phenomena - 1 DVD

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - Stellar Phenomena (c) Stardock

02-08-2014......Release Date

The time of Diplomacy is over. The length of the war and differing
opinions on what should be done to bring the war to an end has led to a
splintering of the groups involved. The controlling powers-that-be have
depleted arsenals and seemed to have exhausted all efforts of
diplomacy. Trapped in a stalemate, sub-factions have rebelled and
broken off the main alignments. Rebellion is upon us.

The ever-expanding conflicts within and between the TEC, Vasari, and
Advent have pushed the battlegrounds into uncharted space. The sectors
now being drawn into the war feature the most dangerous and powerful
natural phenomena in the galaxy.

Exploit what resources remain in these dangerous sectors while you can.
The uncharted depths of space hold threats beyond any natural
phenomenon, and not all of them wait to be explored.

Three new stars: Pulsars, black holes, and neutron stars pose unique

Six deep space anomalies: Starship graveyards, antimatter fountains,
and more contain both threats and opportunities.

11 random events: Stars launch volatile gases that shut down orbital
operations, mobile storms wreak havoc across the solar system, and
conquered factions sense your weakness and seek to reclaim their

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