Eidolon - 1 DVD

 Eidolon (c) Ice Water Games

 03-08-2014......Release Date

Eidolon is a game about exploring a mysterious landscape and uncovering
the stories of the people who lived there once before. It is a game
about history, curiosity, interconnectedness, and the slow and
inevitable beauty of life.

You will be dropped into the dreary and mystical Western Washington
circa 2400 c.e. with little to guide your way. Awaiting you is a vast
landscape filled with wildlife, edible plants, and the memories of our
now-dead culture stored in artefacts such as journals, sketchbooks,
newspapers, zines, brochures, transcripts, blogs, and more. Collect
these memories and piece together what happened to these people.


Over 150 documents telling the interconnected stories of dozens of
characters across hundreds of years.

An enormous, hand-sculpted Western Washington that takes multiple hours
to cross.

Day/night cycle and dynamic weather.

Varied flora and fauna (both predators and prey).

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