Test Drive Unlimited 2 Complete

★ Test Drive Unlimited 2 Complete - 2DVD ★
System Requirements
Intel Processor -  Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GH
AMD Processor -  Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
Nvidia Graphics Card -  GeForce GTX 280
ATI Graphics Card -  Radeon HD 4870
RAM (Memory) -  2 GB
Hard Disk Space -  14 GB
Direct X -  9 


The Journey Down Chapter Two

The Journey Down Chapter Two - 1 DVD

Publisher: SkyGoblin
Developper: SkyGoblin
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release Description: Far below the noisy metropolis of St. Armando, Bwana follows in the footsteps of his lost father together with Kito and Lina. In their search for the mysterious Underland, they discover a dark conspiracy shrouding the fate of Captain Kaonandodo. In the second chapter, the plot thickens as our heroes plunge down into the mist below the Edge and wind up in the foggy and treacherous town of Port Artue where they find themselves cornered by pirates and on the run from the law. The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of brain-teasing adventure! Chapter One and Chapter Two are available PC, Mac and Linux as well as on iOS, with an android port to follow.

A twisting tale of intriguing adventure
Tons of handpainted environments
An all original jazzy reggae soundtrack
A fully voiced cast
HD art and animations

Evil Pumpkin The Lost Halloween

Evil Pumpkin The Lost Halloween - 1 DVD

Publisher: Two Desperados
Developer: Two Desperados
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release name: Evil.Pumpkin.The.Lost.Halloween-DEFA

Meet Lemuel Barnabas. He is not a protagonist in our story, but just look at him – he’s scrappy and funny, talks to himself, likes music and long walks behind the bar. In a word – he is quite mad, but as mad as he is, he’s the one you come to for help. Help? What happened? You didn’t hear? Apparently there is this thing called Halloween. I know, I know, it sounds stupid. But there’s candy involved! Now I have your attention. The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community. Everyone around you seem to know something about it, but you’re a boy, nobody is going to tell you. In this step away from the classic HO gaming take things into your own hands and find out whatever happened to Halloween.

Adventure and Casual mode, option to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game
10+ hours of gameplay
6 chapters
Double inventory contains 3 types of objects: regular everyday stuff, the interactive objects which can be modified, and the Giztruments, tools that can be upgraded
RPG elements
Challenging puzzles/mini-games
Ludicrous comments
Imaginative characters
Unlockable achievements
Special collectable candies
Backyard enhancement project: side-quest, option to use candies and purchase Backyard elements



Shadowgate - 1 DVD

In Their 28th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released #1156

Shadowgate (c) Reverb Triple XP: Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT
Release Date: 21/08/2014: Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT
Game Type: Adventure

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.4GHz Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB Dedicated Video Memory
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Game information:

Shadowgate is one of the most well-known and beloved point-and-click
adventure titles in gaming history. As one of the original titles in the
popular MacVenture series that went on to be celebrated on the NES, GBC
and Nintendo 64, Shadowgate quickly endeared players with its fantastic
atmospheric soundtrack, perilous locations to progress through, countless
puzzles to solve, and more ways to gruesomely die than gamers previously
thought possible. Thrust into the role of \"The Seed of Prophecy,\" players
travel deep into the living castle, in hopes of defeating the evil that
dwells within - the dreaded Warlock Lord

Now, nearly 30 years after the original version haunted Mac and NES
gamers, the original development team behind that timeless classic is back
with a full re-imagining of the original Shadowgate. Much more than a
port, the team at Zojoi has painstakingly redesigned the game from the
ground up, adding in tons of new mind-bending puzzles, lots of new rooms
with stunning hand-painted 2D graphical detail, and more objects to
interact with and help you along your quest

Decide how YOU want to play this new, re-imagined Shadowgate! Want the
quintessential experience? Employ the Classic command system or turn on
the retro soundtrack, text box, and room transitions. Want a more
cinematic experience? Switch to Immersive mode by auto-hiding the UI and
using customizable hotkeys to explore the castle. Or mix and match the
options to satisfy your play style. In Shadowgate, there are plenty of new
features and fun throwbacks to the original version to satisfy veteran
adventurers and newcomers alike!


* First Person Adventuring: Utilize your inventory, mapping system
and intuitive on-screen commands to complete your quest
* Rooms: Tons of beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new
and familiar locations, offering a new gameplay experience
* Puzzles: Lots of new and updated puzzles that
seamlessly expand on the original game
* Difficulty Levels: Three different difficulty levels that
actually change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure
* Customized UI: Play the way you want! Use classic on-screen
commands or jump into Immersive mode and auto-hide the UI
elements. Create key binds, lock commands and keys, and more
* Retro Mode: Play the game like it\'s 1989! Listen to Hiroyuki
Masuno\'s original NES chip tunes, move between rooms with
pixelated transitions, and enjoy the text in retro format
* Storytelling: Shadowgate features dramatic cut-scenes and all the
same great storytelling you expect from the original creators
* Cinematic Score: A digitally-orchestrated, dynamic soundtrack
that changes with gameplay by composer Rich Douglas
* Soundscapes: A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based
sound design featuring hundreds of sound effects
* Achievements: 50 in-game and Steam-based
achievements to find and unlock
* Animations: Environmental and object-specific animations
and particles bring each location to life
* Help: Need a hint? An in-game help system is just a click away

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Anniversary Edition

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Anniversary Edition - 1 DVD

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a darkly humorous over-the-top operation sim game where players become Nigel Burke, a would-be surgeon taking life into his own shaky hands, performing life-saving surgical maneuvers on passive patients.The original prototype – developed in just 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam in January – challenged players to complete a heart transplant, armed only with an arsenal of clumsy and inappropriate tools and a hand that was diabolically difficult to control, using a combination of keyboard and mouse actions.
The full Steam version comes with additional features, operations and environments. From carrying out terrifying transplants in theatre to surgical procedures in the back of an ambulance, Surgeon Simulator 2013 now takes operating to the next level.

This is an add on-pack for players who already own Surgeon Simulator 2013. It will upgrade Surgeon Simulator 2013 to Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition. If you don’t already own the game, head to Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition full game to get your surgeon on.
Back to the upgrade – what does it mean? What’s new? Hold on to your surgical caps, this is pretty exciting! Ready?
The super-elite Anniversary Edition contains:

The new eye and teeth operations that many of you have been waiting for. Rejoice!
Updated graphics – slicker, smoother, shinier – as if Bob (and his organs) have just stepped out of the salon…
Additional environments – you’ll now get to try surgery while racing down a hospital corridor.
Stat tracking – shows how well you’ve done in your last 9 surgeries, so you can fine-tune your skills. Malpractice makes perfect, remember?
42 brand new achievements for you to tear your hair out over.
That amazing soundtrack that you keep complimenting us on? Well – that’s included too.
From carrying out terrifying transplants in theatre, to surgical procedures in the hospital corridor, Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition takes malpractice to the next level.


OS:Windows XP
Processor:2.0 GHz
Memory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 7800 GT or better
Hard Drive:500 MB HD space

Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando - 1 DVD

Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: GRIN
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment
Platform: PC
Language: English


Special military unit, which consisted of Nathan Spencer, following the successful completion of
the last mission was recognized by the Government
is too dangerous.

::System Requirements::

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista (SP2) / Windows 7 (SP1) 
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon X2 5200 +
Video Card: Radeon HD 3850 or GeForce 9600 GT, VRAM 512MB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard drive space: 7 GB

Kings Bounty Dark Side

Kings Bounty Dark Side - 2 DVD

King\'s Bounty: Dark Side (c) 1C-SoftClub

Release Date :  8/2014

Time has come to join the dark side. Take a trip to the other side
of Teana, to the part of the world that has yet remained unseen to
the royal bounty hunters. Take advantage of buying the game at a
reduced price available during Early Access right now

The Golf Club

The Golf Club - 1 DVD

The Golf Club (c) HB-Studios

  Release Date :  8/2014

  The Golf Club is a visually stunning golf simulation that features
procedurally generated courses, a fully featured course editor,
asynchronous online play and outstanding gameplay. Create and share
courses with your friends and compete with both friends and rivals
in this fresh take on golf.

D.C.I.F. Da Capo Innocent Finale [English]

[English] D.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent Finale - 1 DVD

Alternative setting to Da Capo staging Kotori Shirakawa as the main heroine, with a completely rewritten scenario.
The scene takes place after the graduation ceremony. After being crowned at the school beauty contest, Kotori confesses to Jun’ichi, or rather, she intends to. At that time, something happens to Nemu…
Title D.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent Finale
Original title D.C.I.F.~ダ・カーポ~イノセントフィナーレ
Aliases dcif, Da Capo If
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Links Encubed
Developer Circus
Publishers Sweets & Circus / Mangagamer
Language English
Rating All age


Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition - 1 DVD

23-08-2014......Release Date


STCE is a widely revamped version of the original Guacamelee. Enjoy
exploring two huge new levels, exploding into \'Intenso\' power mode, and
laying egg bombs as a chicken. You\'ll need every bit of power to
dispatch a vicious new class of Elite enemies, a host of updated and
rebalanced challenges in Normal and Hard modes, and the scheming new
boss, El Trio de la Muerte.

Carlos Calaca has kidnapped El Presidente\'s Daughter, and he plans to
sacrifice her in order to merge the World of the Living with the World
of the Dead.

Juan Aguacate, an agave farmer who stumbles upon a Legendary Luchador
mask, must find the strength and courage to become the Hero he\'s always
dreamed of being and put a stop to this.

Guacamelee is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer set in a magical
world inspired by traditional Mexican culture and folklore. The game
features melee combat, parallel dimensions and same-screen co-op. The
original Guacamelee received wide critical acclaim and was a finalist
for both IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival\'s Excellence in
Visual Art award.


Non-Stop Fighting Action. An extensive move list, advanced combo
engine, and anti-gravity grabs

Multi-dimensional Platforming. Instantly swap between the Worlds of
Living and Dead to traverse impossible terrain

Combat moves double as movement, uniting platforming and fighting in
a way never seen before

Diverse, detailed world containing lively towns, dark forests, flowery
canals and fiery volcanoes

Drop in/out 2-Player local co-operative play, featuring independent
dimension swapping

Multiple boss characters (each with unique back stories), wide range
of foes, and elite-class enemies

Spectacular player abilities: The Rooster Uppercut, Frog Slam, and
Intenso turbo-combat mode

Colorful, vibrant costumes that change both player appearance and

Steam leaderboards, achievements and trading cards, support for
multiple save slots, persistent cross-save-game costume unlocks

Chickens. Lots and lots of chickens.

Depth Hunter 2 Deep Dive

Depth Hunter 2 Deep Dive - 1 DVD

23-08-2014......Release Date


Depth Hunter 2 offers 25 exciting missions in 3 huge locations around
the world. Players will hunt different fish species and face the
difficulties of breath-holding spearfishing, an ancient fishing method.

Players will also have to find treasures and get the possibility to
take underwater photos to capture the beauty of the simulated, detailed
and lively underwater worlds theyre exploring also in a exploration

Spearfishing and Underwater Hunting are ancient fishing and hunting
methods, used to catch fish by using a mechanical harpoon. Today,
spearfishing is a sports activity in many countries around the world,
especially in the UK, around the Mediterranean Sea and in South
America. Spearfishers hunt while diving apnea, holding their breath, so
have to coordinate their energy carefully while monitoring their prey,
especially in tactically challenging hunting situations.