Full Mojo Rampage

Poster:Full Mojo Rampage-TiNYiSO
Description:Full Mojo Rampage - 1 DVD

Release On  : 10 may 2014
Type of Game : Action

Full Mojo Rampage is a rogue-like game that takes place within the
confines of the Voodoo reality. In this realm only the most powerful
rites and powers can provide a safeguard against evil. Dying is not the
end, only the beginning to becoming a stronger voodoo soul

The game includes several multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes
to play with friends


Randomly-generated items and levels in beautiful 3D. Not two playthroughs
will be the same

Improve your character by leveling up and unlocking voodoo pins that you
can use and upgrade to receive special bonuses

Online Co-op: Up to 4 players can play together each campaign

Multiplayer VS modes: Play online with up to 8 players in fiersome
battles. (Current modes available: deathmatch, team deathmatch, Capture
the Flag, King of Mojo). Level up and customize your character to show
your friends who is the best

Tons of items and unlockables: masks, pins, mojos and power-ups

Unique class system that revolves around choosing a voodoo god each
with their own special powers and attributes

Music composed by Alistar Lindsay (Prison Architect

Several easter eggs from our favorite games

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